Meet The Brother & Sister Team: Claire and Carl


At Container Sales (UK) Ltd, we are experts when it comes to containers for sale in the North East and have over 100 years of combined experience in the ever-evolving container industry. 

Our dedicated team is made up of professionals who know what they’re talking about and will always find the right container solution for you. Whether you require containers for sale in the North East or containers for sale in Scotland, our team has got you covered!

We’d love to give you the opportunity to learn more about the hardworking team at Container Sales (UK) Ltd, what they do for the business, and the passion they have for customer service. 

With that in mind, the brother and sister team, Claire and Carl, share their answers to a few insightful questions about both their professional and personal lives.

Let’s get started! 

  • What would your ideal day at work look like? 

Claire: After dropping the kids off at school, (first silence), then coffee, I love being organised and writing up my list for the day ahead. I will complete a variety of tasks for both Container Sales (UK) Ltd and Orange Box Self Storage, mostly involving dealing with customers face to face, accounts, and day to day administration.

Carl: After dropping the kids off at school, I’d speak to the overnight enquirers (you’d be surprised how many there are) and get quotations sent off and followed up, then on to following up the recent quotations. Throughout the day, it’s more of the same, sending quotations and processing our customer’s orders. Having Orange Box Self Storage too means that there’s always going to be plenty to do in both businesses and no one day is the same as the last! 

  • What’s your favourite thing about working at Container Sales (UK) Ltd? 

Claire: We have a very dynamic team, all bringing something totally different to the table, enabling our true selves to learn and grow.

Carl: My favourite thing about working at Container Sales (UK) Ltd is working with a team I trust and respect, with us all working towards a common goal of providing an unparalleled level of service to our customers. Oh, and my dog comes into the office everyday.

  • What do you do outside of work to unwind? 

Claire: To unwind I love to run with my two extremely mental and energetic cocker spaniels!

Carl: Going to the gym, golf as much as I can (albeit it’s nowhere near often enough to be any good at it) and DIY around the house and garden.. I’ve done enough of that to be semi-pro!

  • What was the first job you ever had?  

Claire: Making Knickerbocker Glory’s in an ice cream shop in the centre of Newcastle at 15 years old.

Carl: I have worked in the container industry since I was 16, starting in the offices of Ravenstock Tam and helping in the depot when needed. Working my way up from the bottom of the ladder has given me a well-rounded understanding of how the industry operates. I am passionate about my work and cannot imagine doing anything else.

  • How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Claire: Kind, loving and stubborn.

Carl: Dedicated, hardworking and honest.

  • What hobbies do you have? 

Claire: Major love for fitness and cleaning. 

Carl: Gym, golf, watching football and cricket (not good enough to play either anymore).

  • What do you hope to be doing in 10 years’ time? 

Claire: I would love to be taking more control of my day and life (my boys will be 19 & 22) so I will have two extra special best friends! I would love to be still evolving at Container Sales (UK) Ltd and simply being happy.

Carl: I’m still young…ish with young kids, so pretty much more of the same. Now, if you were to ask me about 20 years time, I’d say on the golf course as much as possible and giving a home to as many dogs as I could.

  • What is the most exciting part of your current job role?

Claire: My role is continuously changing and growing which makes me happy… sitting still is not my thing!

Carl: The most exciting part of my job is speaking with people who are considering starting their own self storage business and helping them go from the idea to fruition. It is genuinely one of the best industries to be in and I am very enthusiastic about it.

  • What is one professional achievement you’re most proud of?  

Claire: I am very proud of my mindset towards change and personal development. I decided to go back to university as a mature student and gain my BA Hons Degree in Business Management whilst working full time, so this makes me proud.

Carl: There’s not one specific achievement that I could pinpoint, it’s more of an accumulation of experiences and small achievements throughout my (to date) 27 year career, in both the UK and the USA.

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