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At Container Sales (UK) Ltd we have a clear set of working principles...


Here at Container Sales (UK) Ltd, we are a family run business with over 100 years of combined experience providing container solutions in Scotland and across the North East of England.

From our head office in Sunderland, we operate in various locations across Scotland and North East England to ensure every customer, no matter how big or small the request, is supplied with container solutions to meet their needs and requirements.

So, what sets us apart from other container suppliers in the UK?

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Back in 2002 was when Container Sales (UK) Ltd was initially founded by Director Keith Wilson.

In those days, we began as a means to source containers for the mobile storage group now known as Algeco Group! How time flies!

In the same year, we began to notice containers arriving from China, referred to as “one-way” containers. These containers were newly manufactured and packed with cargo on their way to the UK. Once emptied, the containers could be sold and regarded as new build containers.

With such a huge advantage now staring us in the face, especially when compared to the price of anything that could be manufactured in the UK, we began leading the way in the container industry and stocking large quantities of these containers to sell on to businesses and individuals who required them.

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Since then, our business model has always been to provide new and used containers to customers who need them, no matter what the quantity or type.

Therefore, this means always having ownership and control of enough shipping containers to suit a wide range of needs for our customers. We normally hold stock worth around £2 million at any one time to meet the needs and requirements of businesses in Scotland and across North East England.

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At Container Sales (UK) Ltd we like to keep things simple, even though we are a big name in the container industry. We don’t offer refurbishing or converting services when it comes to shipping containers and proudly have long-term alliances, who we refer these enquiries to.

We like to put a focus on simply buying, stocking, selling and delivering containers from a number of depots in Scotland and across North East England to suit the needs of our customers.

By keeping things simple, this helps us consistently keep prices competitive, quality high, our tailored services unbeatable…

… and honour our promises.

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Our team is made up of professionals who know what they’re talking about and can find shipping containers to suit the needs of your business and customer.

Orange Box Self Storage LTD

We are also the owners of the successful Orange Box Self Storage Ltd in Sunderland, should you have any questions you start your own, have a need to make use of our top-class storage facilities.