Full Side Access Shipping Containers: Optimise Operations

20′ Hi-Cube Full Side Access Green Side Open

In the world of logistics and transportation, efficiency is the name of the game! Every minute and every inch of cargo space counts, and the choice of shipping containers can have a huge impact on your operations. 

At Container Sales (UK) Ltd we recognise one container type that has been gaining popularity in recent years; the Full Side Access Container. These shipping containers offer a unique design that can optimise your operations in various ways. Let us tell you how!

What Are Full Side Access Shipping Containers?

Full Side Access Containers are a specialised type of shipping container known for their unique design that allows access from not only the traditional end but also from the full length of one side. 

Unlike standard shipping containers that only have double doors on one end, Full Side Access Containers have double doors on one end and full-length side doors on the other. This design provides many advantages for businesses involved in storage, shipping, and logistics.

Improved Accessibility

One of the biggest benefits of Full Side Access Containers is the improved accessibility they offer. Traditional shipping containers can be challenging to load and unload, especially when it comes to bulky or oversized items.

With Full Side Access Containers, you can easily access your goods from the side, making it much simpler to reach and handle items stored deep inside the container. This feature can significantly reduce the time and labour required for loading and unloading operations.

Versatility of Full Side Access Shipping Containers

What’s more, Full Side Access Containers are highly versatile and can accommodate a wide range of cargo types. Whether you’re storing palletised goods, machinery, vehicles, or irregularly shaped items, these containers can be ideal to suit your specific needs. 

The full side doors make it easy to load and unload cargo of various sizes and shapes, making them a practical choice if you are a business with diverse storage and shipping requirements.

40' New HC Full Side Access Side

40′ New HC Full Side Access Side

Efficient Space Utilisation

Efficiency is a key factor in logistics and Full Side Access Containers are designed to maximise the use of available space. 

Traditional shipping containers often leave wasted space along the sides when loading bulky items, but Full Side Access Containers allow you to utilise every inch of space efficiently. 

This can help with cost savings as you can transport more cargo in a single container, reducing the overall shipping expenses.

Faster Loading and Unloading

Time is money in the world of logistics and any opportunity to speed up loading and unloading operations is a huge advantage. 

With easy access to the entire length of Full Side Access Containers, you can reduce loading times and increase the efficiency of your operations. 

Enhanced Safety

Safety is a priority in Logistics and Manual Handling. Full Side Access Containers offer more safety advantages over traditional containers. 

The ability to access cargo from the side means that you can position items more securely and with greater precision. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage to goods during loading and unloading.

By opting for Full Side Access Containers, you can optimise your operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you require a single container or are looking to buy in bulk, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us today and our team of experts will be happy to assist with your enquiry for shipping containers for sale in the UK.